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Testimonial Blurbs


Webtrax Admin

"Delivering quality work every time."

“I’ve used other transcription agencies, but Transcription Professionals is far and away the most professional, delivering quality work on time every time. The submission process is easy to use, they communicate clearly throughout the process, and always deliver high-quality work. They are definitely my go-to now anytime I need transcription work.”

– Melissa Woods, Account Executive, c/change advertising agency, Chicago


Webtrax Admin

"I was delighted that all our work went to one transcriptionist" over many months.

“That was Sidney, who became a very valuable member of our project team... My company was engaged to manage a retail study involving interviews with top executives around the world. We knew we needed a high quality, intelligent transcription service to meet our deadlines, work with business language, and be flexible enough to work with thick [British] accents in some of the interviews. After talking with several transcription companies, I selected Transcription Professionals based on their affordability and excellent references. It’s the best decision I made on this project!

...Not only did Sidney meet all our deadlines, but she also did an excellent job of learning our subject matter, accurately transcribing all of our interviews, and was always friendly and easy to work with. I am pleased to be a reference for Sidney and Transcription Professionals and would be glad to speak with anyone regarding my excellent experience with the company.”

– Jane Fitzjerrell, Consultant, McMillan Doolittle LLP, Chicago


Webtrax Admin

As endorsed by Timothy J. Gilfoyle, Journal of Urban History

"I have worked on more than 50 oral-history projects during the past 17 years for such institutions as the Chicago History Museum and the University of Chicago.  Transcription Professionals provides just that: near-perfect transcriptions which require little editing and minimal guidance. [Before Transcription Professionals,] I worked with one voice-based (voice-recognition-software-based) transcription service, but the transcriptions were so poor I was forced to have them re-transcribed. I went to Transcription Professionals!"

-Dr. Gilfoyle is also Professor and Chair of History, Loyola University, Chicago; Associate Editor, Journal of Urban History

Top-Value Transcription

Webtrax Admin

"Then I had to spend hours going over it all and making corrections. That's NOT a bargain. Had I known of your company was I in grad school, I would have become a customer many years sooner.

I have a tendency towards perfectionism, and I expect similar dedication to precision and quality from all other service providers I use, regardless of what field those providers are in.

Transcription Professionals has never given me even a nanosecond of disappointment.  Their high-quality transcriptions and their professionalism are nonpareil.  Their turnaround time with files has always come much earlier than my expectations.  Transcription Professionals’ pricing is equally competitive, and considering the level of excellence evident in their work — frankly they’re a genuine bargain.

Over the years that I have availed myself of the services at Transcription Professionals, I have been so appreciative of having the same transcriptionist working with my audio files, as she understands my needs and is attentive to the details important to me.  There is no finer customer service than what I’ve experienced with Transcription Professionals.  My work requires a high level of confidentiality be maintained, and on that score I’ve found Transcription Professionals to be extraordinarily reliable.

For all these reasons, I am delighted to be a repeat customer and I have recommended Transcription Professionals to colleagues and students needing transcriptions. If you are looking for a high level transcription at a great price — you need look no further than Transcription Professionals.”

– Miriam Wolfe, LCPC,  Chicago