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Webtrax Admin

"I was delighted that all our work went to one transcriptionist" over many months.

“That was Sidney, who became a very valuable member of our project team... My company was engaged to manage a retail study involving interviews with top executives around the world. We knew we needed a high quality, intelligent transcription service to meet our deadlines, work with business language, and be flexible enough to work with thick [British] accents in some of the interviews. After talking with several transcription companies, I selected Transcription Professionals based on their affordability and excellent references. It’s the best decision I made on this project!

...Not only did Sidney meet all our deadlines, but she also did an excellent job of learning our subject matter, accurately transcribing all of our interviews, and was always friendly and easy to work with. I am pleased to be a reference for Sidney and Transcription Professionals and would be glad to speak with anyone regarding my excellent experience with the company.”

– Jane Fitzjerrell, Consultant, McMillan Doolittle LLP, Chicago